Summary of testimonials as communication coach/trainer:

“Katja has been so engaging and really encouraging throughout the whole day, and pointed to little mannerisms in us that we weren’t consciously aware of before that will massively help in everyday communications.”

“Katja is great at responding to the group – whenever they ask a question she is ready to deliver on that topic.”

“Katja kept the room engaged and focused in a timely manner without being forceful. She encouraged a positive and safe atmosphere.”

“Katja was very knowledgeable and backed up the exercises with real facts and statistics.”

“Katja is full of energy and it is very easy to follow what she is saying.”

“Katja offered great examples of how to implement the lessons and context for practical use.”

“Katja got her points across in novel ways.”

“Great experience. Excellent listener. Puts a mirror in front of you.”

“Really engaging style, lots of helpful tips and suggestions demonstrating use of different tools and techniques.”

“Excellent and unique approach, great storyteller.”

“Amazing move in the room, assertive, excellent examples.”

Communication/Public Speaking Coaching

“I had taken one to one coaching on speech and communication confidence building skills with Katja. Katja did a fantastic job by making my thoughts more positive, challenging me and giving me the extra push that I needed.
Her written summaries given at the end of every session are very beneficial as at any point I can always refer back to her advise and what we discussed.
Thank you for your invaluable help throughout.”

“Katja was […] my mentor […] when I was due to give my first ever after-dinner speech in a work context. She was the best mentor I could have imagined. She helped me set a timetable for preparing the speech, read it and listened to me practicing it, and gave invaluable feedback in an encouraging way. She enabled me to give a much better speech than I would have done without her help. She has excellent coaching skills and has also helped me with another talk since. I have also heard her give a couple of speeches […] and she is always engaging and entertaining and shows great leadership skills.”

Confidence/Life Coaching

“The impact of my coaching sessions with Katja was very positive. She listened to everything I had to say without judgment, which gave me the freedom to be completely honest during our appointments. She asked helpful questions that made me consider each topic of discussion from a different angle and, as a result, make better decisions in certain areas of my life. Katja is also a very friendly person, which made it even easier to establish a consistent level of comfort with her. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone. To be completely honest, I’m sad that our sessions are at an end!”

“Over the course of just 2 short months, Katja was able to help me gain better clarity of the things that are important to me, and what I want in life. She helped me set realistic goals and encouraged me to take the necessary steps to achieve them.
The sessions and at-home exercises helped narrow my focus on the things I want to do, while opening my eyes to the possibilities still available to me. I personally found the sessions very helpful and they have given me a more positive outlook on life, which has helped boost my daily mood and confidence.”

“Katja has been a very warm and supportive coach during our sessions. She has the ability to focus and observe whilst I was speaking. She asked very good questions. And she pointed out the key elements behind each “issue” I would raise to help me move ahead with my personal goals. With her ability to point out these elements I have been able to proceed smoothly and steadily, taking the necessary actions to enable me to reach my goals. I has been lovely to work with Katja the past few months.”

“I have found these sessions really helped me to be clear and specific about what my goals are and how to implement them into a measurable timeframe. Katja helped me to think about short term targets on my journey to creating and fulfilling my ultimate goals. Although up to this point I knew what I wanted to achieve overall, these sessions helped me to visualize and focus my energies and attention which were, up until that point, scattered and fragmented.
Katja was professional at all times with clear boundaries, but at the same time has a really lovely relaxed manner, which was encouraging, and therefore I always felt comfortable during these sessions and motivated to carry out the specific targets we came up with together.
The impact for me so far is a feeling of clarity and determination to complete each of the steps I need to achieve my goals as a direct result of these sessions, which I am totally committed to. I have started to set targets in a way that I wasn’t able to do before.”