“As your Coach I’m passionate about facilitating you to become your best self!”

Katja van Koten

I offer communication and confidence coaching specifically (but not exclusively) for introverts and HSPs (Highly Sensitive Persons). I also provide specialised coaching on speech writing.

Often we struggle to get our deep thoughts out of our heads. And we find it hard to communicate them with clarity and confidence. We don’t see the value of our experiences. We don’t recognise the power of our deep thoughts, ideas and stories.

Unlike general (public speaking/ life) coaching my coaching helps you recognise these. My coaching empowers you to communicate them effectively and energetically. As your coach I encourage you to build self-esteem, to have a more positive mindset and to find your sparkle.

Summary of testimonials:

“The impact [of the sessions with Katja] for me so far is a feeling of clarity and determination to complete each of the steps I need to achieve my goals […]. I have started to set targets in a way that I wasn’t able to do before.”

“She helped me set a timetable for preparing the speech, read it and listened to me practicing it, and gave invaluable feedback in an encouraging way. She enabled me to give a much better speech than I would have done without her help.”

“I personally found the sessions very helpful and they have given me a more positive outlook on life, which has helped boost my daily mood and confidence.”

“Katja has been a very warm and supportive coach during our sessions. (…) With her ability to point out key elements I have been able to proceed smoothly and steadily, taking the necessary actions to enable me to reach my goals.”

“Katja did a fantastic job by making my thoughts more positive, challenging me and giving me the extra push that I needed.”

“I would absolutely recommend Katja to anyone. To be completely honest, I’m sad that our sessions are at an end!”

For inquiries and to book a FREE coaching session, please send me an email: katja@sparklingspeech.com

This 20-minutes session is a non-obligation, complimentary session that gives us an opportunity to get to know each other, build rapport, set expectations for working together and decide on next steps.

I look forward to hear from you!