Speech editing

Speech editing – taking your speech to the next level

Perhaps you have a draft of a speech, but somehow cannot get it finished? Or it’s too long? Or it doesn’t get to the point? Or perhaps it doesn’t feel right? In short, you need the services of someone who can help you take your speech to the next level.

Editing is not only reading and correcting a few spelling mistakes in your speech. When I edit your speech I review everything. I look at how the speech transitions from sentence to sentence. How your speech maintains a smooth flow of ideas. And I analyse the actual words that you have chosen to use within your speech.

Editing includes:

  • Ensuring your speech flows well from end to end;
  • Highlighting any issues with the content;
  • Ensuring that the language you use is appropriate for both the subject and the audience;
  • Highlighting if you are deviating from the message you are trying to make; and
  • Ensuring the organisation of the speech is clear and concise.

How does it work?

Sparkling Speech has three different speech editing packages*:

  1. Sparkling Speech Silver Package:
    • 20 minutes conversation (Skype), and
    • maximum of 2 revisions
  2. Sparkling Speech Gold Package:
    • 20 minutes conversation (Skype),
    • maximum of 2 revisions, and
    • 1 hour face-to-face preparations.
  3. Sparkling Speech Platinum Package:
    • 20 minutes conversation (Skype),
    • 1 hour Pre-meeting with basic set-up (Skype or face to face),
    • maximum of 3 revisions, and
    • 1 hour face to face preparations.

For more info please send me an email: katja@sparklingspeech.com

* There is also a Platinum Plus Package, which includes speech writing. For more info about this package go to: Speech writing