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“At Sparkling Speech we believe that everyone has their own unique sparkle – and we want to make sure your sparkles shine through your speeches.”

Katja van Koten

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You’ve been crafting your speech for weeks. The date is almost there. You have fine-tuned your speech many times. But you would like a last impartial review of your speech. An expert eye to polish the script one last time.

With Sparkling-on-the-go (bronze) I provide these ‘polishing’ services. The process starts when you send me your script.* I asses the script and let you know within one business day if it falls into the ‘polish service’ remit. This service is limited to one complete edit of the speech and any tweaks that may result. Once I have received the fee (by Paypal) I will send the complete edit of the speech in two business days.

Sparkling-on-the-go (bronze) fees £50 – send me an email with your script today!

*At Sparkling Speech, we are committed to ensuring the confidentiality and security of your personal information. Sparkling Speech will keep all information you sent confidential from any and all third parties, during and after the course of this project.