Speech writing

“At Sparkling Speech we believe that everyone has their own unique sparkle – and we want to make sure your sparkles shine through your speeches.”

Katja van Koten

Services Sparkling Speech

Some speakers need the services of someone who can write their speech from scratch. Other speakers have already written a draft and need an expert eye to sharpen it. Some speakers want to be coached on how to present their speech.

For all these speakers I provide speech editing and writing services. My services focus on organising speeches that are clear and relevant to its audience. All the speeches are custom written for each of my clients. What’s the point in writing a good speech if people don’t believe that they are listening to your words? The speeches I write and edit are easy to deliver for my clients. Not only that they feel confident and proud to deliver them as well!

There are many different types of speeches. Speeches can be inspirational, motivational, informative, persuasive, or congratulatory. There are speeches for academic and work purposes. Or speeches that you need to give for social and family gatherings, like best man and eulogy speeches. Whatever the occasion I can help you craft the best speech possible.

For more info on the services I offer, contact me by email: katja@sparklingspeech.com