Public Speaking

Communication Coaching

Communication Coaching focuses on enhancing your ability to communicate well, to think through, organise, and present information clearly, credibly, and persuasively to internal and external audiences, utilising your own authentic style. Communication Coaching is for:

  • People whose success depends on communicating well;
  • People who want to improve their communication skills in minimal time; and
  • People who are preparing for specific high-stakes presentation events (e.g., keynote, shareholder/investor conference call, media interview, etc.).

Public Speaking Coaching

Once you have crafted the best speech possible you want to be able to deliver it with clarity and confidence. As part of my services I provide hour long face-to-face sessions.*

During these sessions we will look at the delivery of your speech to increase the impact of your message. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Suggestions for stage directions;
  • Where to place pauses;
  • Ensuring that the pace is right; and
  • Any movement or gestures that may or may not be appropriate.

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*The hour long face-to-face session can be provided as a stand-alone, in blocks of three or six sessions or as part of the Sparkling Speech Gold, Platinum or Platinum Plus Packages. For more info about these packages go to: Sparkling Speech editing