“As a Coach I’m motivating my clients to believe in themselves and their stories, and to shine!” 

Katja van Koten

Often coaching focuses on ‘big’ changes in life (career, relationship or health). My coaching isn’t. Through my client’s experiences I have learnt the value of ‘little things matter’. This is at the heart of my coaching approach.

It’s the gentle steps my clients take in their life’s journey that have the most profound impact.

As a coach I encourage my clients to identify and value these gentle steps. I help them to recognise and appreciate what they have already done on their life’s journey. And I support and spur them to take a more positive attitude to life.

As a result my clients build more self esteem. They become more confident in their capabilities. And they are more self assured in their communication. This can be in one-to-one conversations, meetings, or in front of a group of people they don’t know.

As a coach I’ve noticed that a gentle and critical step for a lot of my clients is what they say to themselves. By listing to what they say and do during our session I challenge this self talk. I raise their awareness of it. And I explore actions to counteract them.

My coaching is non-directive as my clients always have their own best answer. I help them draw out these answers by thought provoking questions. I also want to give them time and space to think.

This reflection stimulates them to make better choices for themselves. It enables them to envision a life befitting their potential. Finally it will help them to see their way forward with optimism and confidence!

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