Katja van Koten is the founder and director of Sparkling Speech Ltd – a personal development company focusing on communication and confidence coaching specifically (but not exclusively) for introverts and HSPs (Highly Sensitive Persons). She also provides specialised coaching on speechwriting.

Katja is a trainer and coach who is passionate about facilitating people to become their best self.

A passion that was sparked through her years at Toastmasters.* Here she experienced first hand the value of self development through communication and leadership training.

But the seeds were already sown earlier. When her first coach said to her: “We always look at our perceived weaknesses and we try to make these better. Instead we must look at our strengths and pursue to make these even better.” It had a profound impact on her. It became the cornerstone of her personal development.

In 2009 she made the bold decision to quit her job in the Netherlands and move to London. She still considers this one of the best decisions she ever made!

Now as qualified coach, Katja encourages her clients to acknowledge and value their strengths.

Through her own and her client’s experiences she has learnt the value of ‘little things matter’. This is at the heart of her coaching approach. It’s the gentle steps we take on our life’s journey that have the most profound impact. By becoming aware of this we can see our way forward with optimism and confidence.

Early 2018 Katja joined Own the Room, the international leader in Learning and Development, as Coach. Check her here !

In her free time you can find Katja at the gym, reading a book or enjoying food (breakfast, dinner and anything in between). She also cherishes her small record collection. There’s truly never a dull moment! 🙂

* Toastmasters is a global voluntary communication and leadership development organisation. Katja also uploaded some of her Toastmaster speeches, check them out here .