Newflash: Interview and Workshop

Interview Life Coach Directory 

Last month I was asked for an interview for the Life Coach Directory, one of the biggest online directories listing qualified or registered life coaches in the UK and Northern Ireland. In this interview I spoke about how to communicate confidently as an introvert and/or HSP (Highly Sensitive Persons). You can find the interview HERE.

Workshop “How to Speak Confidently and Authentically, as a Highly Sensitive Person”

When: 7th November 2017, 7pm.

Where: The Square Pig 30-32 Procter Street, Holborn, London, WC1V 6NX, London

Tickets and info: Workshop – How to Speak Confidently and Authentically, as a Highly Sensitive Person

I’m excited to announce my workshop for HSPs about how to speak confidently and uuthentically.

Many of us may think that being an HSP is a hinderance when you’re presenting. The intention of this workshop, is to show that being an HSP will actually help us and our audience. Whether you present in front of a group of people, or during a meeting at work, or even at a social event. Dr Elaine Aron mentions in her book that Public Speaking […] “is a natural for HSPs, yes it is.”

In this interactive workshop we focus on what in fact does make us natural speakers. How we pick up on the subtleties in a room. How we prepare our presentations meticulously. And how we want to add value.

Come and join me for this workshop, which is the first of its kind!

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